Repair Or Replace Your Water Softener – Everything You Need To Know

Water softeners are an important part of our daily lives. They remove excess minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) from the water making it usable for household chores. Like other home appliances water softeners also have expiry dates. With time it depreciates and problems occur in its working like electrical issues, components damage, frequent repairs and eventually stopping.

But the fact is you can increase the lifespan of water softeners by maintaining them. Generally, water softeners have a life of 10 to 15 years but there are many systems that have a longer lifespan of 20 years and so. If you are looking for a long-term product also check best water softener reviews 2019 before buying so that you acquire the best.

Well, if your water softeners have started showing signs of frequent repairing and was bought a decade ago then replacing it with a new one is a good option.

Water softeners lasting depends on many factors like maintenance, expiry, how much you have used, type of water quality etc. If you have extremely hard water containing iron, scaling will be more often and you will need a softening system sooner.

You might have guessed that there is no particular time of water softener repairs or replacement. Hence it is crucial to examine and learn how to spot the signs that your softener is about to run out.

Common Water Softener Failure Signs:

There are several common easy to identify signs that water softening system isn’t providing quality water as expected. Yet these signs are not a sign that you need to replace your system. It may need to be serviced.

A little repairing and your system may resume working. Maybe a part needs to be replaced or the media or cleaning of the brine tank is required. Also, a valve gets jammed when overlooked and requires cleaning. If you are not sure it is advised to call a professional so that you don’t end messed up.

Here are the 5 signs that a homeowner should look for that indicates water softener needs a repair or replacement:

1. Water Tasting Bad/ Smelling Awful

This is first detectable sign that water salts change is required. If the issue isn’t resolved you might have not cleaned the tank, still if the problem persists replace it.

This is first detectable sign that water salts change is required. If the issue isn’t resolved you might have not cleaned the tank, still if the problem persists replace it.

2. No Lather

Soap refusing to perform and creating no lather, it is time you notice it. Soaping in the shower is becoming extremely difficult then water softener check is needed. This is because water isn’t softening enough and you are using hard water.

3. Laundry issues

Washed clothes feel dry and stiff. Fabric softener may help you with this issue to an extent but cannot resolve it completely. You need a permanent and more effective solution for this makes sure that your system is removing minerals properly.

Hard water also damages washing machines and other water-based appliances like coffee maker, heater, boiler, and dishwasher.

4. Visible Hard Water Spots

Again those nasty spots are seen on glassware, cookware and silver crockery. Your shower and bathroom tiles are showcasing white spots everywhere this point towards water softener failure.

5. The crust on Pipes and Faucets

Minerals deposition causes layer formation around pipes and faucets. Notice your kitchen and bathroom faucets while cleaning. If a chalky substance is seen around take a look at your softener.

Increase in Salt

If you have a salt based water softener you know that salts need to be replaced in every six months or so. If you require salt quite often and your water is tasting salty then there is a problem. Also, an older device relies on too much salt for their working. Newer devices are durable and lightweight they use fewer salts or no salts depending upon the variant.

Benefits of a New Water Softener:

An old water softener replacement can make your life easier as it may involve regular repairs. Also if water quality isn’t up to the mark it means that you have water issues. With technology advancements, the new softener is made durable and long-lasting. They are energy saver and environmentally friendly too.

An updated feature is always needed. Like you change your refrigerator or washing machine for the latest technology benefits similarly an updated water softener will help you with combating daily issues. They are also designed according to water quality and pollution these days. Hence you get a clean, pure and soft water to wash clothes, drink and clean home.

Are You Satisfied With Your home Water Quality?

If you also have complaints about water quality it is because water hardness that is making you frustrated.

People think that water softeners purify water making it apt for drinking purpose but actually they just soften water. If you are looking for a sole water softening system that removes minerals (keeping nutrients intact), remove contaminants and other bacteria’s you need an advanced water softener (RO system).

If you have any doubts write to us in the comment box below. Our potential service is always ready to answer your needs.

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5 Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Plastic Bottles

Since the start of the plastic industry in the 1950s, statistics revealed that plastic production had reached 8.3 billion metric tons worldwide. Only 9 % had been recycled until 2017. Scientists predict that by 2050, the ocean would have more plastic bottles than fish!

Terrifying, isn’t it? Plastic waste with all chemical toxins that react harmfully with water and ground frighteningly threatening our resources and lives. Imagine with all those waste our planet has become like a massive recycle bin which by the time gets less and less space.

Here comes the role of recycling. The more we recycle, the less waste we have and the less we need a new production. This would greatly help save energy, resources and our whole environment. So, it is much bigger than recycling some bottles, don’t you think so?

Today, we are going to give you 5 creative ideas to make the best use of empty plastic bottles that should not be wasted anymore.

Snack storage for times of fun

Coffee bottles can still be useful even with no coffee inside. Use them to store snacks, candies or seeds. You can write on the bottle or even stick an image of the stuff you’re storing to give your home the smart well-organized appearance.

Plastic planter for a green environment

Plants give you that relief feeling in times of stress anxiety. Have you ever thought your empty plastic bottles would help you get this feeling? You can use empty water bottles as an amazing small planter.

  • Cut the bottle into two halves.
  • Color the bottle or draw on it to give it a different look.
  • Add soil and seeds and take care of your small plant.

You can put many of these little planters in any space in the house. Giving it as a present would be a pleasant surprise to your lovers.

A super easy watering can

If you liked the previous idea, then your plants need a watering can, and all it costs is an empty detergent bottle.

  • Clean the bottle thoroughly and remove the label.
  • Make some holes in the bottom, fill with water and that’s it.

A pen cup for your writing staff

  • Just remove the top of the bottle transforming it into a cup.
  • Add your special touch with some colors and accessories.

Collect your pens and painting tools in the cup putting it on your office at home or work.

A money bank for time of need

All of us as children used those small money banks for saving coins and cents. You can do the same with your children. Colour the bottle to make it attractive and make a hole they can get money through.

Recycle is a step of the 3Rs:(Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) we use to decrease our waste, save our environment and make our lives less messy. So, if you liked the article and started to rethink about recycling. So if we could help with some beneficial ideas to recycle your old bottle, please share the article or write a comment with your recommendations.

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