Note to Self You Must Go and Win


The Rise of Ephemera
A history of the modern day world as told by everyday throwaway ephemera
- BBC’s The World

The ‘How Are You?’ Culture Clash
Americans are “fine.” Ask a Russian, and you’ll get much more: the truth.
- The New York Times 

The End of Quiet Music
I wanted to be an artist, but I didn’t want to have to sell hoodies with my face on them.
- The New York Times

A Healing Trip to Hawaii
Swimming with jellyfish in Hawaii’s tourist capital
- The Wall Street Journal 

Changing Your Name, and Your Life 
What’s in a name? Plenty. A new one can change your life.
- The New York Times

Meet Krampus
Do you remember that awesome fairy tale, about the little girl who cut off her finger so her bone could open the cage where her brothers were held prisoner..?
- BBC’s The World

Amateur Night in Harlem Draws Competitors from around the world
Amateur Night is a variety show that has been running for almost 80 years now — so long that, to locals, it can almost feel like it’s hiding in plain sight.
- BBC’s The World

1 WTC: The View From the 80th Floor 
Author and singer Alina Simone recently took a tour of the new 1 WTC building, currently at 91 stories and billed as the future tallest building in the country. Here’s her account of the view from above.
- The Wall Street Journal Online: Speakeasy

How Russia and the U.S. Have Changed Since the End of the Cold War
Writer and musician Alina Simone reflects on the end of the Cold War, and how the world has changed since.
The Wall Street Journal Online: Speakeasy

Why Do Russians Hate Ice?
“Who knows where that ice came from? It’s probably dirty” — and other theories on why Russians won’t add ice to their drinks.
- The New York Times

Over the Verrazano, Into the Shadows
I have never been ghost hunting before. I have also never been to Staten Island. Now a silent battle rages within me as to which of these firsts is more exciting.
- The New York Times

So Long, Salon
How a hairdresser closed up shop, got on her bike and became my friend.
- The New York Times

Phantoms of the East River
What started out as a birding tour on the East River becomes a journey into New York’s dark history.
- The New York Times

Lives – Revisiting the Russian Name I Changed
A new life and renewed interest in old family roots.
- The New York Times Magazine

Modern Love – Her Future Is in the Cards 
A friend enlists me as her “psychic scribe.”
- The New York Times 

A guy tries to convince his father to move into a mausoleum with him.
- McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Anatomy of a Breakup — a story told in tweets, with illustrations.
- First International Twitter Fiction Festival

What’s the Story Behind a Name? — a radio essay for Canada’s version of This American Life
- CBC radio’s ‘Definitely Not the Opera’

On Pregnancy 
- The Los Angeles Review